Is Fostering Kittens Right for Me?

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There are a lot of questions around fostering! How can I foster kittens? Do I want to? Am I able to foster without disrupting my lifestyle? Can I foster with children? Why would I want to foster cats, anyway?

Benefits of fostering

There are many reasons you may decide you want to foster kittens! While it does take work, the benefits are numerous. Of course, you’ll get to meet and fall in love with many, many sweet cats and kittens! But there are other benefits to fostering animals that make it a truly rewarding investment.

You’ll be more involved with your community, and provide a much-needed service. Connect with the local fostering community to forge deep friendships as you support each other. Some animal shelters even run promotions with local celebrities. You and your foster cats could be involved in an ad campaign for your organization.

And doing something new and big like fostering always requires learning, creativity, and problem-solving, which is rewarding in and of itself. Fostering cats and kittens provides great experience and confidence and many, many stories to share.

Can I foster kittens?

Fostering animals is a way to help save as many lives as you can. Even if you travel too frequently to adopt pets of your own, you’ll still be able to experience the joys of animal companionship and maintain a busy travel schedule by fostering animals between trips. You can foster if you have other animals at home already, if you work full-time or nights, and if you have children.

Many opportunities within fostering

Watching a cat grow from a nervous, dirty creature into a clean, happy, loving pet is one of the most rewarding aspects of fostering. Many cats who need foster homes the most are young kittens, cats who have medical problems or mild-to-moderate behavioral issues. Likewise, some adult cats are too scared at the shelter to interact with adopters but who melt into your lap once they get to your home.

There are many opportunities within fostering to find your niche. For instance, you may love fostering older cats! Or newborn kittens, bonded adults, single kittens, or large orphaned litters! You’ll quickly get into a rhythm of meeting, caring for, and adopting out wonderful animals.

 There are so many reasons that fostering animals for your local shelter can be an immensely rewarding experience. 

Foster kitten Eddie greeting me after a nap

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Kelsey Madison

Kelsey Madison is a cat lover, fostering enthusiast, part time vet tech & writer. She has fostered close to 300 animals over the last 10+ years, and currently has 3 beautiful tabby cats who love to stick their faces in her morning lattes. She is passionate about helping others develop a deeper understanding of their beloved felines and learn more about fostering.

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