Can a Halloween costume help your foster cat get adopted?

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To keep it short and simple, MARKETING is why having a halloween costume can help your foster cat get adopted! Around Autumn, many fosters have kittens and cats that they are trying to get into warm, cozy homes before winter. One way to make your foster cats stand out to adopters is to having fun, eye catching images that display their personalities.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that putting a cat in a Halloween costume of your choosing is showing more of your personality than theirs. And you want to be CERTAIN that your cat is comfortable in the costume. Only dress the cat up for a photo session or a short event during which it might get your kitty more attention from potential adopters. This way, you can have fun while respecting your foster’s needs and dignity.

An orange kitten gives a huge yawn.
Your foster cats might get adopted straight away, but if not, then a little creativity such as a Halloween costume for your cat might help them stand out and get adopted quickly!

With all that in mind, what are some cute, comfortable costume options that can make for great marketing material for your foster cats?

Halloween Costumes for Cats

An orange cat wearing a lion's mane costume.
A little lions mane can be a great, simple Halloween costume for a foster cat! Especially an orange kitty.
A black cat wearing bat-wings as a Halloween costume.
A simple, comfy pair of bat wings goes a long way towards getting your kitten into the spirit of the season for an event or a photo shoot!
A brown tabby resting in a cat bed with Minnie Mouse ears and a bow on top.
If your kitty isn’t up for a wearable costume, a cozy bed like this can still get you some cute, themed photos for a foster kitten advertisement!
A white and orange cat wearing a hat with a unicorn horn and rainbow mane as a Halloween costume.
A little hat can turn your foster kitty into a beautiful unicorn! A few photos wearing this in a bright window and you’ll have adopters lining up to snag your sweet foster feline!
A cute jacket is a simple costume that can be especially effective if you humans are dressing up in a similar theme and want your foster cat to match!
This warm travel jacket (in the smallest sizes) can double as a Halloween costume for a spiffy foster feline.
These spiffy breakaway collars let you quickly spice up a photo shoot with your foster cats. Be sure to remove the bells if you leave them on your fosters for any length of time.
can a halloween costume get your foster kitten adopted?
Can a halloween costume help get your foster kitten adopted?

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