Gifts for Cats

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Cat got a birthday coming up? Who’s harder to shop for than a cat? They have everything they need, they don’t need much anyway, and they refuse to provide their wishlist. Here are a few ideas of fun, quality items that you might not have thought of when purchasing holiday gifts for cats (or cat-lovers) in your life.


Katsuobushi is an aged tuna product that cats LOVE. It’s in the form of melt-in-your-mouth flakes, and traditionally used to make a delicious soup in Japanese cuisine. But it’s also a wonderful treat for your favorite feline!

Cat Grass

This cat grass is super fun for your cats and also cute. Cats love to sniff and chew grass & you’ll love the adorable little mug.

Cat Lounger/Scratcher

This cat scratcher and lounger in one is cute with its artsy curves! For a cardboard scratcher it’s super heavy-duty, and has stellar ratings. Look how happy that model cat is. Catnip included.

Cat Bed/Scratcher

How cute is this? A cardboard cat bed & scratcher in one, in the shape of a cat head. Stinking cute! Fab reviews and guaranteed lure your kitty in to its box-like depths.

Heating Pad for Cats

Cats are drawn to the warm and the cozy. Bliss your kitty out with this soft, washable, gently warming heating pad. You know your favorite feline will beeline for this on chilly evenings.

Treat Puzzle

This Catit device is a treat dispenser that keeps your cat engaged and playing. Drop a few treats into the tubes, and your kitty will work to get them out like a puzzle. 1200+ great ratings means a lot of cats have loved this before, and yours probably will too!

Little Cat House

This cozy little cat house is a fun space for kitties to hygge. Combine with the heating pad above for ultimate coziness! This box folds flat for easy storage and transport and has fab reviews.

Wand Toy

Sometimes simple is best! This cat toy a bit of rolled up cardboard on a 35″ wire. Basic? Yes. Will your cat go nuts over it? Almost definitely. And for $8 for a 3-pack, it’s an easy choice.

Those are our recommendations for gifts your cat will love! You’re sure to find a fun new enrichment item for you cat this season. And if you’re on the hunt for cat furniture or cat toys, check out our recommendations here and here.

gifts for cats
Gifts your cat will love!

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