Finding an Animal Shelter Near You

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In order to start fostering cats and kittens, the first step is to find an animal shelter near you!

You may want to begin by contacting any shelters in your area that you already know about. They might have a need for fosters, or be able to point you in the right direction!

If you are specifically interested in fostering young kittens and are speaking to them in the fall or winter, ask if they are likely to need foster homes for kittens in the spring. Late spring and early summer is known as “kitten season” in the fostering world. You have a high likelihood of finding kittens in need of a foster home in the warm months!

A box with 5 visible kittens including two calicos and three orange tabby kittens.

Online Resources for Finding an Animal Shelter Near You

Petfinder has a comprehensive database of animal shelters that is sure to aid your search for organizations in need of fosters for cats and kittens. Type your town name or zip code into the search bar, and browse the animals shelters nearest to you.

The ASPCA has a fabulous database titled “Adoptable Cats in Your Local Shelter“. While the primary focus is on adoption, there is a checkbox for “Needs Foster” under the “Qualities” heading. Checking this box will give you a list of specific cats that are in need of foster, and the shelters near you that host those cats.

Note that, especially during the warmer months, shelters often have many kittens come in very quickly. Not all the kittens they have that are in need of foster may be listed on this page. Be sure to contact each shelter for more information about their youngest kittens!

Internet search to find animal shelters in your zip code

Another option is to do an internet search for “animal shelters” and your zip code. This usually populates your browser with a handful of the animal shelters nearest to you.

Once you have found an animal shelter near you, look at their website to see if they have information on their fostering program listed there. Reach out via email, phone, or with an in-person visit (you’ll get to see kitties! yay!) to learn how to apply to be a foster parent in their program.

Find foster kittens like Tumbleweed waiting in an animal shelter near you!

To learn more about fostering kittens and cats with a shelter near you, check out our ebook on how to foster cats and kittens!

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