CBD Oil for Cats: A Marvelous Plant-based Tool

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CBD oil for cats? Sounds strange, but many pet owners are pulling out the oil for their furry friends. Cannabinidol is a naturally-derived substance, and humans are using it for everything from muscle aches to headaches, anxiety to insomnia. Can this popular plant compound benefit our pets?

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What is cBD?

CBD is a shorthand abbreviation for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of a group of over 100 phytochemicals found in the hemp family of plants. For a long time there was stigma against the use of any chemical derived from hemp plants due to the criminalization of the use of marijuana, a plant related to hemp. The Agricultural Act of 2014 began the process of changing the legal status of this family of plants, and research has progressed significantly since then. CBD is also sometimes called hemp oil, to differentiate it from THC-containing extracts associated with marijuana.

Can Cats have CBD oil?

Research so far indicates that CBD oil is generally safe for cats. Dosages should be followed carefully and cats should be monitored for adverse effects. However, the benefits of CBD may outweigh the risks given potential downsides of alternative therapies. Though the scientific evidence is still developing, many use CBD to assist their feline companions with symptoms of ailments such as cancer, epilepsy, and osteoarthritis. In these cases, the risks of CBD may be less than those of alternative treatments.

CBD oil for cats

Do Cats Have Cannabinoid Receptors?

All mammals have something called an endocannabinoid system. This means that mammals have naturally occurring cannabidiol chemicals in our bodies, and receptors for them in various organ systems. Some systems that have receptors for endocannabinoids include 

When a cannabinoid chemical comes from a plant rather than inside a mammal’s own body, it is called a phytocannabinoid. Both the endocannabinoid system and the way phytocannabinoids interact with it are still being researched.

Will CBD get my cat high?

Vets and pet owners use CBD to reportedly improve the quality of life of their animals. Some ailments that have anecdotally improved include inflammation, anxiety, and pain. A few pet owners report that it has assisted in lessening seizures and mitigating aggression. CBD has been reported to help speed bone healings in cats with fractures. Cats display symptoms of disease through behavior. As such, CBD has been said to help with such unwanted behaviors. Cat owners might reach for CBD when struggling to address behaviors such as peeing outside the litter box, adjusting to new situations, scratching furniture, over- or under-eating, pacing, or obsessive grooming.

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What conditions in cats is CBD used for?

In humans, CBD is known to have effects on sleep, appetite, metabolism, pain, stress, immune function, and more. People take CBD to help with bone health, insomnia, mental health, pain, immune health, and more. In cats, problems in these areas can manifest in a variety of observable symptoms and behaviors. 

The scientific evidence is still limited when it comes to cats and CBD. However, lots of pet owners use CBD-rich hemp oil for their cats and claim to see substantial benefits.

Anecdotal reports describe how a few drops of hemp oil may have helped curb destructive behavior, promote a calm disposition without drowsiness, and reduce the effects of normal environmental stress.

CBD oil for cats peeing in the house

One common usage of CBD oil for cats is to address cats peeing in the house. While there are many factors that can influence your cat to miss the box with his stream, feline anxiety is a common contributor. CBD oil can promote relaxation for some cats. This has led some pet owners to have success with using CBD oil for cats peeing in the house in unwanted places.

CBD oil and Depression in Cats

Depression and anxiety in cats doesn’t always manifest with clear behavioral patterns. But if your cat were to be responsive to CBD, then CBD oil may be beneficial for maintaining your cat’s normal disposition.

CBD Oil for Cats with Aggression

Aggression and other misbehavior in cats is often linked to an overactive nervous system. As the cannabinoids in CBD oil can help modulate nervous system activity in humans, some cat lovers turn to CBD as part of a treatment plan for their aggressive cat. Be sure to check with your vet to rule out any medically-related causes for cat aggression.

How do i give cBD to my cat?

First look for a good quality product. You want a hemp extract without inflammatory oils (MCT oil and olive oil is good), and without any THC as these ingredients aren’t good for your cat. Then, decide what format is best for your kitty. CBD comes in oil form, and is also available in convenient treats.

CBD treats for cats

CBD treats for cats are a great choice for your cat. The biggest question is if you think your feline will enjoy the flavor. If so, the dosage is already calculated in each treat. Your cat will enjoy the snack, and you and your cat will appreciate the benefits of the hemp extract. 

Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats – Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats – Honest Paws

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  • Maintaining calmness 
  • Behavioral problem management 
  • Promoting a healthy brain function

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Giving CBD oil to cats

CBD oil is somewhat more versatile than the treats. You will be able to add a few drops to any food or treat that your cat already enjoys. Or, you could give it to your cat in a medication applicator. With CBD oil, you can more easily give a higher or lower dosage as is appropriate for your cat. Hemp oil can also be applied directly to the skin.

An alternative approach?

CBD oil can be a great alternative option to conventional treatment for your feline. Ask your vet about using it for your cat and try it today!

CBD for cats

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