Best Cat Nail Clippers

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Your kittens or cats need their nails clipped! If you’ve already got the cat nail clippers in hand, check out our tutorial for clipping kitten nails. If you’ve got an adult cat, check out our tutorial for clipping adult cat nails. But before you start, you need the right clippers for your situation! What’s the best tool for the job?

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Best Cat Nail Clippers

The best nail clippers on the market will be comfortable to hold, easy to maneuver, and help you clip your kitty’s nails quickly and without trauma (to anyone involved). These pet nail trimmers by Boshel are razor-sharp, and feature a built-in safety guard. A locking mechanism makes it easy to stash them away safely.

Cheapest Cat Nail Clippers

Mechanically speaking, clipping cat claws is a simple job. This basic, cheap set of clippers works as well as any of the larger, more complicated tools. It is slightly smaller, which may make it trickier to maneuver for large-handed cat lovers. But the lower price point means you can purchase a few and have a pair tucked in a drawer in several rooms. Having several handy makes it much easier to grab one and clip a few nails when your kitten is nearby and in an amenable mood.

Cat Nail File

If clipping isn’t your style, you and your cat might prefer a dremel nail file. This cordless file features a nail guard with a 45 degree paw guide and a dust collector. A few seconds on the lower, quieter settings of this tool will have Felix’s claws safely shortened without clippers.

Do You Need Special Clippers For Your Cat?

If your cat spends time outdoors, she needs her claws sharp and ready to help her escape from danger up a tree or defend herself. And she probably gets enough scratching in. Tree trunks and other natural surfaces are great for managing claws so that they don’t become problematic.

If your indoor adult cat has access to enough scratching tools, and is well-mannered with his claws, he may not need his nails clipped. Your adult cat may not be *ahem* amenable to having her nails clipped, but need it done for safety or comfort. In this case, a professional groomer or vet can get the job done for you.

If you are a strict minimalist and strongly prefer not to purchase an extra item for your cat, it is possible to use regular nail clippers designed for humans to clip your kitty’s nails. But for just a few dollars, you can pick up the right tool and make your life that much easier.

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