Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter and Cat Hair

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The best vacuum cleaner for cat litter and cat hair has no easy job. We love our furry feline companions, but cat fur sticks to everything, and cat litter scatters to the Land Under the Furniture with the wrong vacuum cleaner. I have combed the web to bring you the absolute top in class vacuums for cat owners in each class: the best upright vacuum, the best cordless vacuum, the best handheld vacuum, and the best robot vacuum for cat litter, cat hair, cat dander, and all the other little things that a cat brings into our home.

Here are my top 5 best vacuums cleaners for cat hair and cat litter for cat owners.

Best Upright Vacuum for Cat Hair & Cat Litter

Can you say self-cleaning brushroll? The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum is the vacuum you want if you’re looking for an upright machine to blast through cat hair, litter, and anything else your cat can throw at you. This vacuum has a slew of technological innovations integrated into its design. These include Swivel Steering for effortless maneuverability, Lift-Away to smoothly convert to a portable handheld vacuum, and Anti-Allergen & HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum. Perhaps most importantly for long-haired cat lovers, its Zero-M cleaner head actively removes hairs before they get wrapped around the vacuum head. I love how lightweight it is, the easily emptied canister, and the way it handles pet fur and cat litter.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Cat Litter & Cat Hair

The best cordless vacuum for cat litter & cat hair is hands-down the Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum. This sleek suction monster has all the features you look for in a cordless upright: it’s lightweight, has an easy-to-empty tank, and powers through pet hair. Dyson vacuums filter particles down to the size of bacteria, meaning cat dander and litter dust are toast. Cleaner air for your whole home! The charge lasts for up to 60 minutes, so you can easily do your whole home in one session. This vacuum cleaner’s suction automatically adjusts for different surfaces, so there’s not stopping to switch out attachment heads. It even converts to a handheld vacuum for cleaning vehicles and furniture, so there’s no need for a second machine to tackle that task. Truly everything you need in one machine.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter & Cat Hair

I LOVE this vacuum cleaner for the around the litter box, in the car, and the sofa. With 4.6 stars and over 3000 ratings, this mid-tier, cordless, lightweight handheld vacuum is extremely popular. The battery life is best in class, and it slurps up cat hair from your home and vehicle effortlessly. It’s perfect for cleaning up around the litter box especially if your box is in a closet or another tight space. This handheld wonder tackles all kinds of shedding with ease – cat hair, dog hair, people hair, and more. The motor is quiet, and pet hair and debris is easily shaken out of the large dirt tank. Several compatible brush heads allow you to specialize the tool to a variety of surfaces. This really is a the best cordless handheld vacuum for cat litter and cat fur.

Best Robot Vacuum for Cat Litter & Cat Hair

This robotic vacuum from Eufy cleans your floors of hair and litter, all on its own, for up to 100 minutes before recharging itself. And with a super-slim profile, it will fit under furniture that other robot models can’t. You know cat hair and litter collect under that dresser. Let this little guy clean it out for you. The Eufy robe vac automatically boosts the suctioning power when needed to suction up those repositories of cat hair and litter. The motor runs quietly so as not to disturb you or your snoozing felines. With a rating of 4.4/5 and more than 18,000 ratings, this robot vacuum is a huge hit, with cat owners reporting that it is “amazing for cat hair” and handles cat litter with ease.

What’s the Best Vacuum for Cat Litter & Cat Hair?

The best vacuum for cats is really going to depend on your needs. The number of cats you have, type of cat fur, kind of litter, style of flooring, furniture, and your cleaning preferences are all going to play into this important decision. For me, the Dyson V11 Cordless was the obvious choice. I wanted something that could blast through cat hair, maneuver easily, filter out litter dust and cat dander, and convert to a handheld for cleaning the car. Regardless of whether your choice is a standard upright, a handheld vacuum, a cordless vacuum, or a robot vacuum, we’ve giving you the most powerful options to help you have a painlessly clean home life with your cats!

Best Vacuums for Cat Hair & Cat Litter
Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter & Cat Hair

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