Best Cat & Kitten Toys by Category

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Kittens have SO much energy. Having a few favorite toys around to help them exert some of that energy in developmentally appropriate ways. Here’s some of the best kitten toys available in a variety of styles.

Toys you use to interact with kittens

These are toys that you can have fun with with your kitten. Play time is bonding time for you and your feline friend, so grab some toys and get to playing!

A grey cat standing on its hind legs ready to play with a kitten toy
I’m ready to play with some kitten toys!

Wand Toys

Mouse Wand Cat Toy

This mouse wand toy is our absolute favorite for shy cats and kittens. The mouse & wire combo make the mouse wiggle exactly right to catch the attention of even stubborn kitties who are determined that they don’t want to play.

Rainbow Dancer Cat Toy

This colorful ribbon toy is moves like a snake as it weaves across the ground and through the air. Kittens love to get their claws and teeth satisfyingly dug into the fabric as they chase and pounce.

Feather Wand Toy

Birds are natural prey for cats. Kittens LOVE to express their instincts by diving and leaping after a fluttery feather wand toy. This one comes with feather replacements for when your sweet little predator shreds the first set of feathers into dust.

Chasing Toys

Kittens will play with this category of toys on their own, but they’re even more fun when you toss and bounce the toys for the kittens to chase.

Bouncy Springs

These safely-designed cat springs are light and perfectly sized for small paws to swat. They bounce and fly un unexpected ways, providing unlimited entertainment for your feline furbabies – at least until they get lost under furniture!

Crinkly Balls

Crinkly balls are super satisfying for kittens to pounce and crunch on. They are swat-able, toss-able, and reflect the light in a way that will catch a kitten’s attention. Kittens will definitely play with these on their own, but because they’re not as bouncy it’s a great game to toss them for the kitten to chase too.

Jingle Balls

Jangly balls like these are classic cat toys. Kittens will be drawn to the quick movements and jingle of the bell inside each ball. Kittens love to play with each other, by themselves, or with their humans with these colorful ball toys.

Kicker Kitten Toys

Kick toys are great for kittens to bite, grab, wrestle, and kick. They grasp the toys with their teeth and front paws, and “bunny kick” the toy with their back feet.

A kitten swats at a kitten toy.
Kittens thrive with toys that allow them to express their feline instincts.

Denim and Sisal Twisted Kicker 

This kitten toy from Jackson Galaxy encourages cats to stalk and pounce on prey. The kicker integrates catnip to entice kittens and cats older than 6 months.

Carrot Catnip Kicker

This catnip-filled carrot kicker toy is a cute addition to your arsenal of top-notch kitten toys. Your cats will love the fluffy green carrot-top feathers too.

Meercat Kicker

This super-plush kicker toy crinkles satisfactorily when a kitten pounces on it. Its dangly limbs give an added dimension of play to bring out a feline’s hunting instinct.

Toys Kittens will Play with by Themselves

While many of the toys in the first category are great for kittens to play independently, the toys below are designed for play while a human isn’t around. If you’re worried about your kitten(s) being bored or under stimulated while you’re at work or otherwise occupied, these kitten toys are great options!

Ball & Track Kitten Toys

Cat Tracks Cat Toy

This sturdy cat toy has three colorful balls that race around three stacked tracks. This toy stimulates a kitten’s senses and satisfies their hunting instincts. Great for one or multiple cats!

Super Roller Circuit Toy

This 8-piece circuit toy is configurable into numerous shapes to keep your kittens (and yourself) entertained. A brightly colored ball rolls quickly or slowly through the tubes, encouraging kittens to swat and bat at it through the opening.

Roller & Spring Cat Toy

A fluffy critter on a spring adds a wiggly new dimension to this kitten toy. As the kitten swats the ball rolling underneath, the mouse on top will entice his hunting instincts further.

Climbing Toys

Climbing post, tunnels, and towers provide kittens and cats with a full-body kinesthetic experience. By providing surfaces and spaces for them to climb, hang, enter, swing, dive, and scratch, felines get can truly express their inherent cat-ness. If you’re specifically interested in castle-themed cat towers, check out our recommendations here!

Large Cat Tunnel Bed

This play tunnel zips together to create a fun space for kittens to zoom, stalk, and pounce. Hanging toys are incorporated into the design to encourage cats to hunt! The tunnel also doubles as a cozy cat bed and private feline retreat area.

Ultimate Scratching Post

scratching post

A full 32″ tall, this scratching post gives kittens and even large cats ample space to stretch and exercise their muscles. Kittens will love climbing to the top platform for a lookout as well as stitching their claws, paws, forearms and shoulders by scratching on the durable woven sisal.

Cat Tree

A multi-platform cat tree is a great tool for your kittens’ growth, play, and development. With areas for scratching, jumping, climbing, and more, this mid-sized cat tower is a great option for your kittens and cats.

Cat towers in particular are great for kittens to climb and develop their physical abilities. Kittens love to play king of the hill, jump, leap, wrestle, hang, swing, and more on surfaces. It’s like access to a playground for a kid. By providing kittens with a cat tower, you’re ensuring that they have an appropriate outlet for these instincts so they’ll be less likely to tear up your furniture as they learn, play, and grow.

Multi-Level Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a more deluxe climbing experience for your cats, this 67 inch multi-level cat tree is a great option. Two condos, 3 perches, and over 5 feet of vertical climbing height offer great exercise for your kittens and cats. Reinforced, sisal-wrapped posts provide plenty of scratching real estate for your kittens to stretch their claws.

Electronic Kitten Toys

This category of kitten toys has a battery-powered component that lets them move, shake, wobble, and spin on their own. They’re great for providing some extra stimulation to your kitten when you can’t give them your full attention to wear them out.

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

This automatic interactive cat toy uses two motors to roll, spin, and wave a feather wand. This type of cat toy is perfect for entertaining your felines while you’re not at home. It runs for 10 minutes at a time, and then goes into standby mode.

Dancing Fish Toy

A motion-activated floppy fish kitten toy is sure to be a hit with your kitten. After it’s been charged via USB, it will start dancing tantalizingly around the room as soon as your kitten nudges it with a paw.

A white cat with yellow eyes, crouched and ready to play with the best kitten toys
This kitten is ready to exercise his hunting instincts.

Why we don’t recommend laser-pointer toys

Laser pointer cat toys are somewhat controversial. Because they present a visual prey for your kitty without a physical target, kittens and cats don’t get a satisfying sensory experience from playing with these toys. They may end up frustrated by never being able to “catch” the magic dot. The goal of cat and kitten toys is to have them successfully express their feline instincts, not to end up frustrated at the end of a play session. So a laser toy will tire your cat or kitten out, but it’s not the best choice for their psychology or mental health.

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