Best Cat Cones & Alternatives

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Did your cat recently undergo surgery? You’re looking for cones, and the best alternatives to cones for cats. Whether it was for a spay, an injury, or a different type or procedure, your cat may need some help remembering not to lick her wounds. A cat cone or elizabethan collar can help! But what is the best kind? And what are the other options? READ ON, CAT LOVER!

Reasons your cat might need an e-collar

Collars are temporary measures to prevent a cat from licking, biting, or scratching at an injury. As mentioned above, if your cat has undergone surgery, she will need to avoid irritating the surgical site as it heals. Healing wounds and injuries can be itchy, so a collar will provide a barrier to stop her from scratching or biting the location.

Please note that none of this is a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Please consult your vet any time your cat has any sort of injury. I am not your vet and I do not know your cat, ya dig?

Alternatives to Cones for cats

Depending on the type and location of the injury, a shirt or recovery suit may protect the site better. A bandage might protect the injury effectively while it heals. If the injury is on a limb, a recovery sleeve might get the job done, or a bootie might be your best bet. Liquid bandages are available as well, though they offer very limited protection. Talk to your vet about the best alternatives to recovery cones for your cat.

Cat Recovery Suit for Abdominal Wounds Cat Recovery Suit for Abdominal Wounds

This post-surgery recovery suit will keep kitty warm if she was shaved. It has comfortable elastic bands around the neck and limbs.

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08/02/2022 02:23 am GMT

Types of cat recovery collars

Cheapest Elizabethan collar

A paper plate makes a cheap, easy, and effective Elizabethan collar for cats in many situations.  This works especially well with kittens recovering from spay surgery.

You will need:

Grab a thin, flexible paper plate, and cut in from one side to the center. Make a small circle in the center for your kitty’s neck. Then, apply the collar gently to the kitty, and staple twice to keep in place.

Making this type of collar only takes a few minutes. The size can be customized exactly to your cat, and it is very lightweight. 

When the e-collar gets food or water on it, it will get gross quickly and it cannot be wiped clean. However, you can easily remove it by tearing the paper, and replace it with a new one in seconds.

Depending on the size of your plates, the size of the cat, and the location of the injury, a paper collar may not be effective enough at preventing access to the site of injury. Paper collars are great for kittens or small cats getting spayed who will quickly soil any type of collar, and who only need to wear it for a few days. If your cat is larger or will need to wear the collar for longer than a few days, you may find a better option below.

This video features a kitten in a homemade paper plate cat cone.

Plastic Cones

E-Collars made of plastic are easy to clean, and effective at keeping a cat or kitten from accessing its injury. Good quality plastic collars are lightweight and highly adjustable for comfort. 

Due to the shape and material, this collar can be cumbersome and difficult for the cat or kitten to move around with. Eating, drinking, and other movement and activities can be more difficult because the collar does not fit in small spaces. The wide edge may get caught on objects.

A kitten gets used to her cat cone after eye surgery.

Soft material cat cones

A soft collar is likely to be more comfortable than a plastic collar for your cat. They are made of cotton or polyester, and come in cute colors and patterns. The soft material will pick up dirt faster than a hard plastic, and they won’t wipe clean as easily. However, this e-collar should be washable by hand or in the washing machine. Because of this, it may be prudent to pick up 2 collars of this type so once a day one you can clean the dirty one while your cat wears a fresh one. 

Soft Cat Recovery Collar Soft Cat Recovery Collar

Unlike other hard plastic cone, this soft recovery collar make your cats more comfortable, and well-protect pets from injuries, rashes and wounds. It will prevent pets from biting and licking their injured area and promote recovering from wounds

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Depending on the construction, this type of collar may be even heavier than the plastic version, making it difficult for your cat to maneuver around his food and water bowls, and other necessary activities.

Pillow Cones

Pillow cones are a type of cat cone that is shaped like a little donut pillow. It doesn’t provide as much coverage as a cone-shaped e-collar, but it’s a lot easier for your cat to maneuver around in. It will be less in-the-way, and therefore less likely to get dirty during your cat’s daily activities. And best of all, it’s much more comfortable and pleasant to wear than some of the options.

Cute & Comfy
Adjustable Cat Cone Collar | Soft Pillow Style Adjustable Cat Cone Collar | Soft Pillow Style

This thick, pillowy e-colllar allows your cat to eat, drink and lick her paws while preventing access to the abdominal area. And it comes in a variety of cute fruity styles.

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Inflatable round elizabethan collars

These collars inflate like a little plastic inner tube around your kitty’s neck. They provide just enough limitation of movement that the cat won’t be able to reach most areas. However, it may not provide enough coverage if your cat is very determined. The soft cover detaches from the interior for washing. This type of collar is lightweight because it is filled with air.

Inflatable Cat Cone Collar for After Surgery Inflatable Cat Cone Collar for After Surgery

The Recovery Collar use plastic buckle to connect, which is more durable and stable. Adjust it for a perfect size for your cat!

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Best cat cones & alternatives
Best cat cones & alternatives