foster kittens in a crate


Here at Love These Cats, we started out fostering cats and kittens in our community. We fell so in love with the scrappy, sweet, feisty felines we encountered that we decided to dedicate this site to the cause! We want to spread the knowledge about and enthusiasm for fostering kittens and cats. As we grew, we dove deep into finding the best tools and and gadgets to make happy, healthy cats and owners a reality for homes everywhere. We also love learning all about cats and answering YOUR burning questions about our favorite felines!

Our ultimate goal is to empower and inspire others (maybe you!) to get involved with your local animal shelter. Fostering cats and kittens is vital to making space and saving animals within the US’s animal shelter system. Adoption is a wonderful way to welcome a new furry family member. And many other opportunities exist to contribute to the lives of animals in your community. The more kitties we get into homes, the more lives we save!

Find answers to common questions about cats, solutions to behavioral problems, and reviews of cat tools and gear over on our blog.